Important Digital Marketing strategies for e-commerce business

Digital marketing strategy for e-commerce

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Digital Marketing is something that must not be implemented without proper strategical planning. And in this post, we will see how you can implement the best Digital Marketing Strategy for e-commerce businesses.

The word E-Commerce itself means Electronic Commerce which is it’s a platform for buying and selling online through the internet. We all know as time had passed technologies have evolved by time. And most people are now mostly influenced by online shopping.

All are aware of the fact that any product or service requires marketing which helps to turn potential customers into real customers.

The journey of converting a potential customer to a real customer is long and time-consuming but the energy or time spent on this will obviously give fruitful results in form of an increase in sales and high revenue earning.

Hence, in this blog post, we will see how can you implement various Digital Marketing Strategies of Digital Marketing in an eCommerce business and achieve the goal of increasing your revenue with your eCom platform.

The role of digital marketing in eCommerce Business?

Marketing plays a major role in any business. There are various techniques that can be applied in E-commerce business with the help of digital marketing.

As a business owner, you must know these techniques of implementing digital marketing as these strategies plays important role in increasing customers and the growth of your business.

digital marketing strategy for e-commerce
How to digitalize e-commerce business?

E-commerce itself is an online platform.

E-commerce is globally connected in such a way that it shrinks the whole world into a global family. eCommerce has the potential of attracting customers from all around the globe.

And to reach customers, in this case, we call them a TA (Target Audience) one need to spread the awareness that yes, this business has something that can help you in some ways.

Let it be an online garment store, a grocery store, or a service provider company such as a CPA firm. All eCommerce businesses will have to spread the word.

Now, you know that this is important, what could be the better way of spreading the word than the online mediums themself.

So what are the mediums you must consider to promote your eComm business?

Best platforms to design Digital Marketing strategy for eCommerce

Talking about the platforms, as a business owner, you already know where your Target audience lives and what they do and what are their interests, etc. without this information you won’t be able to accurately design and plan your strategies.

For this we will need to individually dive into different platforms and how will they serve the purpose.

eCommerce is not a local business

Local business is not something that we are looking here to promote, right?

Now that if we want to promote something that’s global, there is no meaning in spending your time and energy in setting up local SEO strategies, and hence, we will not recommend you set up the GMB (Google My Business)

eCommerce business doesn’t require ‘google my business’ as that itself is a whole different thing or is not helpful in e-commerce business. So don’t get messed with it.

have you ever seen a large eCommerce brand’s google my business listing? No. No one uses it.

What are the best platforms to build a good Digital Marketing strategy for e-commerce business?

There are different options depending on the niche, TA, and other essential factors of the nature of your business.

And in this case, you will need to select these platforms by implementing the A/B testing technique.

Let us look at which platforms offer what kind of service and how they help us reach different TA.

Facebook (Now Meta) Ads for eCommerce

When it comes to reaching a young audience, there is nothing else that can even come closer to Meta’s platforms such as FB and Instagram.

Additionally, you have all types of goals setup options such as Awareness, reach, Lead Generation, etc.

Meta’s options are very popular in running paid ads for any eCommerce business and they are capable to bring in a very good revenue to the business.

Now you must be wondering if this is the platform you might want to start with, right?

But I will still say that it really depends on the nature of your business.

There are many scenarios where Meta Ads won’t be as beneficial as you might have thought.

Let’s see an example:

If you are a real estate company and you have a website where you want to sell a very luxurious property in your region and you have very high pricing for these properties,

In this case, you will need to target very narrowed targeting options such as Annual income, Job, Position, title, years of experience, and many such options that can help us reach only the potential buyers who are capable of spending such a high amount in properties.

Do you think FB or Insta will help you here? No, not at all.

You will need to go with LinkedIn in this case.

Similarly, this is the case with other ad platforms.

We have seen businesses who are running ads only on one platform such as Pinterest, and they are still very successful.

Still, In my opinion, e-commerce heavily depends on ‘Google Ads or Social Media Ads ‘.

For any E-commerce business, a website is necessary.

The primary purpose of your website is to sell products or services online and for this, you need to have clear communication with the users or customers. The website must contain information related to your business, images or videos of your company and products, your contact details, and policy-related information.

Why an SEO-Friendly Website is Needed?

An SEO-friendly website is very much important. As we all know a website must have organic traffic of users than and only our motto or goal could be achieved.

For this, we need to have our website SEO- friendly because it will keep search engines and users happy. The main point is search engines must be able to recognize that what is mentioned on our website and what it talks about? then only it will create more traffic to our website.

What is the Base of a Digital Marketing Strategy for an E-Commerce Business?

As we say the house can’t be built if the base is not strong.

Similarly, if the base of awareness stage is not clear, people are not introduced or not acknowledged with services and products, we provide they are not going to be our customers. Until and unless people are not aware of what we sell or how this would benefit them if they purchase from us, etc things must be cleared.

In short, we must have mentioned every minor detail and have clear friendly communication with our customers.

Where to focus on SEO for your Website?

For making the website SEO friendly, one point should be remembered that SEO focus should be based on your category page of website as most of the people who are not even aware of your brand would be searching the name of product/service as per the category. So the main focus should be on a category page and not on the product page, here’s where most of the people get misunderstood.

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Apps for Ecommerce Businesses


For example, if you have an online jewellery business then your website will have a home page, about page, category page, product page & contact page: then most of the time it happens that SEO is done on the product page as they think their product will get search friendly but you are wrong here, as they won’t be aware of particular product name and will definitely not search as per your decided product name and then you are mistaken and that will obviously lead you at the incorrect destination.

People will search for earrings, necklaces, or rings, and for that, your category page must be fully SEO friendly and that will help you positively to raise your customer.

Your website would be designed in such a way that it has a sense of communication with users or customers who are going to visit your site. This will also help you to positively attract and raise your customer.

DTC – Direct To Customer Marketing:

DTC method is used in e-commerce and digital marketing.
The DTC method is very much useful for digitalizing an e-commerce business.

I suggest that for any DTC (Direct to Customer) company a strategy should be built of creating or increasing average order value and average lifetime value.

Now you might question why to increase the average order value?

Increasing average order value helps you to know your marketing strategies and pricing method. It can directly impact your revenue growth.

For this, your offers or attractions should be arranged in a manner that your main product and subordinate or related products get sold and that will increase your average order value.

The strategy must be built so that your stock gets clear and you do not have to bear any loss, this method of selling subordinate products with main products is very much useful.

For example, when you are selling a pen, you should suggest relevant products such as a highlighter or offer other related products such as a pencil with it.

Next is, You must organize your sales of products in such a manner that your old customer becomes your long-term customer they must trust your company and should be satisfied with the product/services you provide. This will help you to increase the average lifetime value.

This method will help you to have long-term customers.

As it is always better to retain old customers than to build new customers which will require investment again and again whereas the old customer has experienced your product and service.

There wouldn’t be any requirement of any kind of investment or making him aware of the same.

What is Product Visualization?

It simply means that your product should have images from a different angle, different style, or different position as customers are going through this image deeply, and then and only, they will buy that product.

They are completely dependent and they completely rely on the image of the product you upload, to trust you therefore image should be natural, organic, and authentic.

Product Visualization is Key to Attracting People.

In any website ‘image’ is the key to any lock and that must be arranged and styled properly. Customers get more attracted to images speedily than to textual matters.

Therefore, Product visualization is essential and must be arranged according to your target audience.

So, when customers buy and relate the same in reality, he/she must be well pleased with it. The product must be eye-catchy customers should get attracted to it and should be positively turned towards the product.

If you are running ads for your product then one simple piece of advice is to use UGC (User Generator Content) type or method.

That means with product image you are adding space for testimonials or reviews where any person who has visited your ads or website must share their review or their opinion about the same as it is very much beneficial for your company.

With these, their basic contact details such as number or email-id are shared or reached to you, as this will help you in increasing the fame of your company, and customers’ trust, satisfaction, and faith towards the product will automatically get generated.

When people will log in to your website or through testimonial which provides you with an email-id, you need to store that information and need to integrate an e-mail marketing tool and with that, you can remind your customer about your services or can be served with fresh updates about your new policy or product.

This help you in the future and it would be long-term benefits.

Now you must be careful,

Avoid using a Catalog to Advertise your Product.

You must make sure that you haven’t used the catalogue method to advertise or sell your product as it’s not a display platform.

You must hold your customer from the home page to the end page they shouldn’t leave your website or escape from the middle because he/she gets lost or found irrelevant and that appears to him/her of no use.

This will negatively affect your website on google and your ranking will get reduced.

Your style of representation is the thing that matters the most and will give positive feedback or views of customers. User experience is important at all stages. The content and your way of representing it must be relevant and meaningful, which will help you to have a user-friendly experience.

What is Dynamic remarketing and how does it help:

Dynamic remarketing strategy for digital marketing of e-commerce business.
Strategy of Remarketing

Another main thing is dynamic remarketing which is a technical thing and must be done at the initial level.

Now you might question what is Remarketing?

Here’s the answer very simple, Remarketing means marketing the same product repeatedly until the potential customers turn out to be real customers.

Similarly dynamic remarketing is the same process where the one who had shown interest in your product but didn’t purchase them, is to be done with some new attractions or offers at some different time so they change from consideration stage to purchase stage.

It’s a full-funnel game, In a digital marketing funnel means a model that represents the journey of a person from the time they know your brand till they become your customer.

Basically, it’s the process of converting a person into a customer. you need to win the hearts of your customer and convert them from the awareness stage to the consideration stage and then to the purchase stage.

It’s like to gain something you need to lose somewhat, Likewise to gain more customers you need to spend time and energy for remarketing.

Analysis of Strategy you Implement.

When you are implying some offers to attract people to buy your product you must also check their reviews and analysis for the same should be done, it helps you to know that offer or any kind of attraction you used in past benefitted your company or not?

The method which you have executed does it really help to increase the sale of the product?

The questions will remain stagnant until a proper analysis of the method and customer reviews is not been done.

You must only use unique attractions which benefit your company and is perfectly suitable for your product or service and at regular intervals regular basic analysis must be done.

Last but not least because digital marketing is a never-ending deep well.

Test ‘influencer marketing’ this might seem different and new but it is very much interesting and advantageous to your business.

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are the ones who are connected to most people and have an impact on people particularly about some topics and in return people also trust them.

You must use a local influencer for popularizing your product or branding your image because most of the localities will have faith and utmost trust in them and would be easily convinced by them.

They can be used for increasing your brand visibility and that will push people into your funnel and lead to an increase in purchases and simultaneously growth of your company or business will increase.

And along with it, your organic reach will increase and you must maintain that with proper care.

Customer Satisfaction must be your Utmost Priority:

customer satisfaction is most imp in digital marketing strategy for e-commerce.
Customer satisfaction is the most important element of all strategies.

There is a proverb in Hindi that ‘customer is God and must be served special with hospitality’ thereby we must serve our online customers with their requirements and build their trust for the same.

Sometimes it may happen that customers order for the product but then cancel the same which is known as RTO in the language of e-commerce.

RTO-Return To Origin.

RTO is basically returning to origin which means the process where the product never reaches the customer and gets returned to the warehouse or from where it was dispatched.

Now the thing is this RTO should be limited if it increases it negatively affects your business and if it decreases or is at its minimum level then it doesn’t affect your business.

Reasons for maximum RTO and analysis of RTO should be checked and a study of the same is required if any error is found then it must be corrected at that time so that it doesn’t affect the company in the future.

These all aspects and points mentioned above are a matter of importance and should be seriously accepted as per your company’s need or requirement.

“Build A Team That Builds Your Business”

If you are the owner of a company or any digital marketing agency that needs to do marketing for e-commerce business then you must have a good support team. As it is correctly said that unity is strength. The same applies over here in any type of business, unity of team and support is the basic need.  Members of the team must be honest and trustworthy. They should be loyal to their company and to their work.

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If you have any quarries or doubts your question are welcome. And if you have any other suggestions or advice, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this blog hope this helps you to expand your business widely with more customer reach and customer satisfaction.

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What are the e-commerce marketing strategies?

The strategies that you plan to promote your product and service are very crucial. It mostly includes Content marketing, Social media marketing, E-mail marketing, Mobile-friendly website, Search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising these are the most commonly used strategies that help you in e-commerce marketing digitally.

What is digital marketing e-commerce?

Digital marketing is a method of converting potential customers to real customers through the internet with the help of digital platforms, it not only includes e-mail marketing, social media marketing, or web-based advertising but also text and multimedia message. In short, digital marketing is part of marketing that promotes the brand of any e-commerce company and helps to increase the growth of your business.

What are the four digital marketing strategies?

In digital marketing, so many aspects are included. But the main four elements or strategies that are used in digital marketing are content marketing, search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), and social media marketing(SMM). These strategies must be planned in a manner that organizes your business to achieve your goals. And the strategy must be selected with proper planning and executed with a motive to achieve your pre-decided goals.

What are the 7 P’s of digital marketing?

In digital marketing, the 7 P’s are defined as Product, Price, Promotion, Packing, Place, Positioning, and People. These 7 P’s are used for being connected with customers about our service and product to raise our business and our brand.

What’s the difference between e-commerce and digital marketing?

e-commerce and digital marketing are two different aspects. e-commerce is doing business over the internet i.e. selling through electronic media. e-commerce means buying and selling through online platforms, whereas digital marketing is a process of creating and reaching the audience through the internet. It is used for marketing the online business or online store and increasing the traffic over the website.

How do you market an e-commerce business?

You can do marketing of e-commerce business with an online platform very easily. Any e-commerce business must have a well-designed website, social media accounts, and e-mail platform for marketing. In addition to that, you should improve your e-mail campaign, send the wishlist reminder through message, integrate Instagram and most important make it easy for your customers to get what they want.

What if I am interested in enrolling for promoting my e-commerce site? will KPI Boosters help us?

If you are interested in enrolling to promote your e-commerce site then you should boost your social presence and optimize your site with SEO. You must advertise on social platforms or try out google ads. Yes KPI Boosters will be glad to help you. We are a digital marketing agency that provides service of promoting your business with digital platforms. We are here to boost your metrics. For further details, you can contact us. Surely you would be pleased with our service.